Serving In the Community

Moms In Touch:

Rebekah has lead Moms In Touch each week in her home for the past 6 years.  It all started when a mother approached her as they waited on the school lawn for their children to end their day and asked Rebekah if she wanted to start praying together for their kids. 

Moms In Touch was foreign to Rebekah, but she was excited about the idea of starting a group of moms to pray for their children and their school each week.  With only two willing to participate, Rebekah and her friend faithfully met each week for a year.  After that year, Rebekah’s friend moved away, but God drew new moms each year. 

If you are interested in joining a local Moms In Touch group in your area, or starting one, take a look at the Moms In Touch website at to get more information.


Public Schools:

With three children in three different schools, Rebekah is constantly trying to keep abreast of what is going on in each school.  She does this by volunteering her time at each school. 

Whether by chaperoning field trips, reading in the classroom, baking goods for teachers and staff or attending functions and meetings, Rebekah tries to stay as involved as she can, for as long as she can. 

Each school year brings new opportunities to get involved in the classrooms by helping teachers and students.   Even though it’s a timely commitment, Rebekah looks back at the hours of service to these schools and students and smiles at the investments she’s made.